Any SMM PANEL WIth Youtube LIVESTREAMS Available ?

Written by  on October 21, 2017

Anyone knows of an active SMM Panel that offers Youtube Live Stream Viewers ????


Be very careful with Facebook ADS

Written by  on October 12, 2017


5 days ago I started to do some ads on my GFS account. (new ads fb accs have cheaper rates for adveritising it seems)

I setup my 2 campaigns and turned both off after 2 days because the results with the traffic were not good.

Today I dont know for what Reason….had one more look into the FB ADS MANAGER and guess what ?? Both of the campaigns were with ACTIVE STATUS even tough the CHECKMARK for ON/OFF campaign was set to OFF. During the 3 days with my campaigns set to OFF ,…

Be very careful with Facebook ADS ^(

Youtube + Clickbank Journey To Decent Income Monthly

Written by  on October 1, 2017

Hello everyone !

After my failed journey of Porn Videos Uploading I decided to give another try with the youtube traffic + Clickbank . I know that selling clickbank products its a little bit difficult for many people but I did some sales few years back (not much … around 300$ in commissions in a month ). If I succeed in making $500 monthly in 2 months max I can call this journey a success.

What Tools I Have ?

– 2 Mass Video Blaster Licenses
– 1 Personal Pc + A Hexa Core Server…

Youtube + Clickbank Journey To Decent Income Monthly ^(

My Last Porn Journey [ Target: $20 Daily ]

Written by  on August 27, 2017

Hello everyone ! Lately I've been watching the threads here on BHW with the Porn Upload Journeys . Some people make it and some people dont .

I tried in the past also to make money trough this method and I had a journey right here on bhw but all my videos got deleted and didnt really make too much with those.

So, I make this journey because I have some free time right now and want to keep track of my actions .

What is my plan for this journey ? I want to upload a total number of 1000+…

My Last Porn Journey [ Target: $20 Daily ] ^(